A place to learn, a place to celebrate and a place just to get together for arts, music, fitness and socializing – bringing the community together.

• A wedding venue
• Can be divided into smaller areas if needed.
• Kitchen facilities
• Parking
• Storage for sports, dance and creative activity groups to keep equipment
• A community focused board to manage the facility.


  1. Help some of the existing community groups with new locations.

    Sea cadets,Army cadets ,sea scouts and many more all struggling with space.

  2. Proper shopping centre with cafe, TMA, Elite dance and other community clubs should have a place to stay. We need more actives for kids and adults. Somewhere nice to spend time in a day and in the evening.
    Big no to parking, big no to wedding venue(completely not needed here). Better dance classes for kids and also adults in the evenings, social events.
    Lets make this town attractive and be proud to live here.

    1. ?‍♂️
      Agree with comments above.
      A lot of parks in some London Burroughs are equipped with adult equipment for outdoor exercises. How lovely this would be if the Daisy park and The Anchor park received any of such equipment.

  3. . Make the neighbourhood more safe by installing more CCTV cameras to capture all anomalies performed by people around.
    . Create more learning facilities for people who are just roaming about the area.
    . Make the neighbourhood more attractive by installing nice artworks in strategic places.

    . I am ready to volunteer for any service within my area of specialisation.

  4. There is a lot needed in Tilbury for everyone.
    We have sea scouts and army cadets, how Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides, bring nature clubs to the town, if you can engage the children whilst they are very young with what’s good about were they live hopefully they will grow respecting were they live.
    A brand new park for for all ages from toddlers to teenagers on the daisy field, with possibly a café and indoor play and activity centre, with a youth club combined.
    Also what it needed is family restaurants, café’s and craft centres for all ages.
    I agree with the lady above, we don’t need weddings or more parking in the town centre. We need a place were people can walk around in a vast area and not worry about traffic. I do agree that bringing more people into the town is good for regeneration but parking can be accommodated on the outskirts of town, or in may of the disused yards down Dock Road.
    A much wider verity of shops is needed, we have no clothe shops, shoe shops, no market any more, there used to be a diverse of shops in Tilbury may years ago, but now nothing for everyone, only diverse shops for the selected few, not everyone.
    There is a huge plot of land between the Gateway school and Amazon/Travis Perkins, plenty of space for a community centre with all, for all could be built and grown on that land if it could be acquired. Gardens, café’s, nature trails, bar’s, restaurants, park, water features, craft centre, play centre and much more that is needed.

  5. Tilbury needs somewhere permanent for TMA with a community space to be used for brownies, mother & mother & toddler groups etc.

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